It starts with PICKUP - but that's just the beginning!

It starts with PICKUP - but that's just the beginning!

We’re currently rebuilding the entire platform. Our main goals are still the same, it will just be much easier to use for customers, and will have huge upgrades for venues. Stay tuned for Monday 8 June to see our new Eat Local NZ experience.



When you order with us HEAPS more cash goes to your local!! We charge as little as 5% but others charge as much as 35% (WHAAAT?!)!! This is how it works:

1. Find locals near you

Enter your address, and browse local cafes and restaurants near you. 



2. Browse your local menus in HD

Never order the wrong thing, or get 'food envy' again!! Every menu has high definition photos of the food and drink items! 


3. Search by craving or dietary requirements

AVAILABLE NOW - filter by dietary requirements to see only food you can eat (e.g. Gluten Free (GF), Dairy Free (DF).

COMING SOON - search by what your crave (e.g. Japanese, Sushi, Burgers, Curry). 


4. See the ingredients 

No more guessing what's in your meal. Each menu item describes the key ingredients so you don't need to guess whether there are any "icky brussell sprouts that taste like farts". 


5. Easy Order & Payment

Keep track of what you're ordering and how much the bills going to be. Got Apple Pay or Google Pay? Checkout in seconds with your face or fingerprint WOW! Create a customer account and we'll remember your credit card for next time. 



6. Choose how lazy you are

You can choose to pickup from your local for free.

COMING SOON - Or pay for delivery to your door - the more you buy the less you pay in delivery + no surge pricing AWESOME! 


7. COMING SOON - Always know where your food is

If your local is delivering themselves you will get txt updates so you always know where your order is at. If your local is using our deliver partner you get a map tracker showing where the driver is every step of the way. 


8. Stay safe during #covid19