Be a Local Legend (now includes Drivers)

Our platform is being rebuilt, which will mean changes are coming for our Local Legends too. We still want to empower you to support your locals and communities - stay tuned for what this will look like with our new experience.


What is a Local Legend?

In short - anyone! The focus of the Local Legends program is people who have lost some income due to COVID-19 and is designed to help them to earn some extra money. 

If that's not you, you can still sign up to be a Local Legend we just ask that you DONATE the $ to others who need it. If you are a business wanting to do good; provide photo id of your representative, and evidence of their role in your company, along with a copy of the businesses bank statement.  SPREAD THE LOVE!!

NOW ALSO TAKING DRIVER SIGNUP's if you would like to be a driver with us, and/or our delivery partner you can register below too. Details are on the way. We are still in discussions with potential delivery partners, but we are working on an interim solution to get people driving and helping local venues sooner!! 


Why sign up to become a Local Legend?

There are big offshore food delivery platforms that charge your local cafes and restaurants up to 35% on every order, and take up to another 30% from delivery drivers - WE THINK THAT SUX!

We charge as little as 5% and are bringing on a delivery partner who will do something similar - NOW THAT'S MORE LIKE IT!

We don't have a big marketing budget like the others so we need our Kiwi community to spread the word, help get venues signed up and get customers buying - take the lead in your area - HELP US HELP YOUR LOCALS!


We earn 2% you get HALF

Our fees are roughly 5% which covers around 3% for transaction fees and platform costs. The remaining 2% we will split with you 50/50 for every venue you sign up for the first 12 months!! Just make sure the Venue enters your unique Local Legend number against their profile in the Venue Portal so we know who to pay.